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That “Brand-New” Feel

When we first purchase our vehicle from the dealership, many of us take great pride in its appearance. We love the fresh, new look it has, and we do our best to maintain it for as long as possible. Once your vehicle has been in an accident or fender bender, the paint must be repaired and it must match. That’s where Fountain Valley Bodyworks can help. We are Orange County’s go-to auto paint professionals. Using state-of-the-art equipment and color matching technology, we can quickly fix any scratched or chipped paint on your vehicle. We want you to take pride in your vehicle’s appearance, and our team makes sure that you get just that!

Do You Need Auto Paint Service?

Accident Paint Repair

From from small bumps to large accident hits, the paint will have to be repaired. Fortunately, you can schedule your auto paint repair with our team! We’ll make sure that your vehicle is looking clean and pristine by the end of your visit!
Chipped Paint
Chipped paint can happen for a variety of reasons, from gravel bouncing off your vehicle at high speeds to swinging the car door open too wide and striking another vehicle. Regardless of how it happened, know that your vehicle is still qualified for an auto paint repair service. We use color-matching technology to identify the specific color your vehicle has and fill in the damaged area with new paint!
We Can Help You!
Is your vehicle in need of a paint repair? Or maybe it has a few chipped pieces? Regardless of what your auto paint needs, know that Fountain Valley Bodyworks is here to help. Our auto paint professionals utilize color matching technology to accurately determine what coat of paint your vehicle requires. They then quickly apply the new coat to ensure that your vehicle is always looking its best.

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