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Keeping Your Vehicle Safe

A crucial component that many people don’t think about when it comes to the safety of your vehicle is the bumper. This component protects your vehicle during an accident, as it absorbs a lot of the impact from the front and back, as well as maintains your vehicle’s structural integrity. You need to have the bumper repaired if it was damaged in an accident. That’s where Fountain Valley Bodyworks can help. Our automotive professionals take the time to evaluate your vehicle’s bumper and repair the damages to ensure you are always protected. As Orange County’s bumper repair professionals, we make sure your vehicle is always equipped with a structurally sound bumper!
Repair or Replace the Bumper?
Although it may seem ideal to get a bumper repair service instead of replacement due to the cheaper rates, that may not always be the case. Sometimes, the bumper may have sustained enough damage that a repair isn’t enough to justify the safety risks. If you’re wondering whether your vehicle’s bumper needs a repair or replacement, look for these signs of major bumper damage!
Cracked Bumper
Whenever there is a crack on the bumper, more often than not it will need to be replaced. The bumper loses its structural integrity when it’s cracked and it won’t be able to protect your vehicle as well if you ever get in an accident. There are some instances where a cracked bumper can be repaired, but that’s on a case-by-case basis and you’ll need to chat with our auto professionals to determine what’s best for your vehicle.
Hooks are Damaged or Broken
The hooks in the bumper are responsible for keeping it attached to your vehicle. If this component is damaged or broken, the bumper may fall off your vehicle. Once a hook is damaged or broken, it cannot be repaired. Choosing to keep a bumper with a damaged hook only compromises its structural integrity and you may find yourself in a situation where the bumper hangs or falls off during a drive. In these situations, we recommend a new bumper to ensure everything stays in place!
We’re Ready to Help!
Whether your vehicle’s bumper has a small dent or there is major paint damage, know that Fountain Valley Bodyworks can help. Our automotive professionals quickly evaluate your vehicle’s bumper and determine if it can be repaired or if it must be replaced. Regardless of what you’ll need, our technicians expertly perform the services your vehicle needs to ensure your vehicle always has a structurally sound bumper.

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