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All though we do our best to avoid this, an inevitable part of vehicle ownership is having to deal with dents and dings. These blemishes can randomly appear on our vehicles, which can leave many of us confused and upset. Although avoiding these issues is difficult, fixing them isn’t, as Fountain Valley Bodyworks Express can do just that with our paintless dent removal (PDR) service. Our facility comes equipped with highly trained technicians and specials tools designed to properly perform the service. We make sure to remove the dent or ding without altering the original finish of your vehicle. We back this service, along with all other repairs, with our Lifetime Warranty. For more information, including how you and your vehicle qualify, speak with one of our staff members!
Are You Qualified?
Although paintless dent removal is ideal when looking to fixing dents, not all vehicles are qualified for the service. To have the service performed, there are specific qualifications a damaged vehicle must meet. Not sure if your vehicle qualifies for this service? Here are a few things you can look for.
Broken Paint
Paintless dent removal is just that: fixing a dent without having to alter the original paint job of your vehicle. If you see that the damage done to your vehicle has broken your vehicle’s paint, it is automatically disqualified from a PDR service, as it will need filler and a new coat of paint to properly fix the blemish.
Major Damage
Along with broken paint, also pay attention to the severity of the damage. Although most dents and dings are qualified for this service, any major damages such as deep creases, punctures, and even damage that resembles a puncture will disqualify your vehicle from this service. These damages are beyond the scope of a PDR service and your vehicle will need traditional dent repair to properly fix the issue.
Ready for a Visit?
If you’re looking for a service that removes all dents while maintaining your vehicle’s original finish, consider a paintless dent removal service with Fountain Valley Bodyworks Express! Our PDR pros can quickly determine if your vehicle is qualified for our affordable and time-efficient service. If so, they use special tools and service techniques to quickly restore your vehicle’s original finish and get you back on the road.

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